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  2. Microsoft offering startups $60k in cloud services through BizSpark Plus

    Are programmes like Microsoft BizSpark swaying startups to use proprietary frameworks at a vulnerable stage in their business growth? 

    The ICEHOUSE (an Auckland based incubator) says yeah, it’s likely, but the businesses go into these programmes after having weighed up the pros and cons.

  3. New Zealanders use Wordpress to create game publishing platform - Computerworld

  4. TSB Bank devs teach themselves how to make iOS apps, creates bank's first app - CIO

  5. Hongi - Breath of life (Maori)

  6. Lest we forget.

    Red poppies day.

  7. Is “Giant shark kills man” a story?

    I’d be much more interested in “Giant shark hugs man, discusses undersea politics”.

  8. Back home again.

  9. If he can love, why can’t we?